Hi everyone this is probably my last post. I recently moved to elgfx !! Since this site is kinda dead I decided to join and i’ll be posting more in el, hope u check for my heads there plus the site has lots of cute heads too<3 dnt worry i wnt delete blm! Also u can pm me in game anytime! B (yandere) or whatever I change my name all the time just look for yandere leader loll. If u have questions or simply wants to be friends (:

Thank u for supporting this site for more than a yr, hope u support me there! 

hi (:

6k special thaaankkkyouuu for 6k viewsssssss ❤ most of them are inspired by anime characters but they dnt look like those characters so i wnt mention names looolll :c

credits to ktgfx for the curls, luckystar for the rest (:

curlypigtails-4curlypigtails-3curlypigtails-1curlypigtails-2    piggies-1piggies-2piggies-3


really think these two can work if ur planning to upload twin heads with someone ((; im actually not planning to post twin sets, im actually feeling productive to recolor a bunch buuuuuuut they look bad with lighter hair ;( that pissed me off n then im lazy c:

credits to elgfx for the blink shade ❤