My name’s Bloom and I own this site. Thank you sooooooo much for visiting. (: You can use and edit my heads all you want, all I ask for in return; please give me credit/s. Have a nice day! (;


really think these two can work if ur planning to upload twin heads with someone ((; im actually not planning to post twin sets, im actually feeling productive to recolor a bunch buuuuuuut they look bad with lighter hair ;( that pissed me off n then im lazy c:

credits to elgfx for the blink shade ❤



there are no heads in this post 

Hiiiii no one would probably bother to read this, LOL. But I’ll make it short. I want everyone to know I’ll be accepting requeeeeeesssstts yesss for free as always lmfao. I dnt take every requests so it’s better to please click here for more info. I made this post for a higher chance that someone will make a request xD goodnight thanks for wasting ur time reading ;DD  -bloom


IM BAAAAAACK for good I hope. Btw everyooooone you’re all sooooo awesomeeeeeee af!!!!!! THANKYOUUUU FOR 5K VIEWS ❤ thanks a bunch even tho I hibernated for a few months n yet (((‘: FOOOOKK TYSM I promise I’ll do my best to keep this site active~ 



u probably wnt read, but thankyou (:

yes lol im alive (:



this was supposed to be my 1k special, I made the edit right after halloween waiting for the site to reach 1k views AND im supposed to post them but I was too lazy. really. plus the edit isnt finished yet by then. Christmas vacay passed n I didn’t even posted a single edit ;u; sorryyyy shit. BUT PLEASE please kno that I’m very happy for what you’ve given me in return. thank you so much for 1k views a month after I made the site. and its been kinda often now that I receive pms n preach for my edits <3333 and when I lurk around graal n see ppl wear my heads, u have no idea how that makes me soooooo damn happy ❤ thank you. tysm for 2k views!!!!